IMJ is one of the world’s leading international media recruitment consultancies and we work with all major leaders in the global media industry. With a global network of recruiters spanning over 12 international hubs, we are able to meet the demands of clients and candidates whose needs extend beyond local markets. We can assist you in finding the right people for your organisation and work in partnership with you to deliver tailored recruitment solutions. Our consultants, having worked in the same business environment, have a developed understanding of your recruitment needs and are best positioned to deliver results that matter. Our unique know-how provides us with valuable insights into local industry, culture and truly scalable solutions.

We are the partner of choice for all leading media agencies.

Not only will we source the very best candidates for you, we will crucially perform all the relevant checks to ensure they are best matched to suit your needs.


Our training services are formulated by practical techniques that we know work. Our trainers are highly skilled in the industry having sold successfully in a variety of different markets as well as being professionally qualified in NLP, hypnosis, body language reading and other leading communication training. They also have direct experience outside of the industry having worked as former traders in highly pressurised environments.

  • Selective training: We offer a comprehensive training package for new recruits that will motivate them and instil belief and confidence whilst nurturing their natural talents. The training will cover everything from understanding the business through to cold calling techniques, networking skills, negotiation techniques through to the final presentation, interview and close.
  • Advanced sales training: (For experienced sales consultants) our trainers will teach a variety of real world techniques used in high end corporate sales. Ranging from NLP anchoring techniques through to covert state enhancement strategies that can be used within meetings. It also serves as a solid motivational training to top up team morale and individual achievement.

Outsourced PCM / Project sales management

Life is a constant trade off as we all know and as every savvy entrepreneur knows, finding the right talent managers and sales coaches is vital to business success, especially in our industry! That is why we have made it easier for individuals and companies to grow with our unique outsource PCM/ Sales director service. This service has proved to be increasingly popular amongst our boutique clients as well as large established players. It saves you time and cost and you get the advantage of having experienced individuals lead your teams in the best way possible.

Translation services

In today's international market, quality is key and the power of words are crucial to make the right impression; whether you are looking to translate a pitch file or a magazine article. Whatever the language, we can help with our team of international translators.

Editorial Services

Do you need a quick professional turn around on your project material? We can help! We have a dynamic range of in-house writers with experience in the industry, which means we can write what you need in the way that delivers the best results. Our services are below:

  • Transcription services
  • Article creation
  • SEO work on created articles
  • Re editing
  • Video production services and editing

Want to go solo and set up your very own project? Maybe you are looking to expand rapidly and looking for expert advice on how to grow? We can help, with our highly unique network of experts and can assist you in everything from raising finance through to accessing the best talent pool in the market.

We can provide start up loans through to JV's to help launch your very own dream.

So far we have successfully backed 3 new companies in raising finance and launching projects.

To find out more on how we can assist you in your recruitment needs and business please email Rajan on